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37138 Verona Italy

We thank our current customers

Dermatologists, hair clinics, medical and cosmetic hair centers, SPA , smaller wholesalers for their trust. We invite the interested for collaboration.


The Italian brand Monrin has been on the market for more than 18 years. As a precursor to trichological dermocosmetics, it has gained recognition among professionals in the fields of dermatology, trichology, medical and hair centers but also as home use for daily hair and scalp care.


The minimum quantity of products

plus maximum efficiency and benefits in harmony with nature - that is the principle we follow

MINIMAL - minimal amount of cosmetics in the line to make working with the brand easy and pleasant

OPTIMAL - we put a lot of emphasis on ecological approach to the creation of dermocosmetics and packaging

NATURAL - high concentrations of natural extracts, allow for short application time while maximizing the benefits

RELIABLE - thanks to medical support, the brand guarantees effectiveness and good solutions

INNOVATIVE - ingredients are selected optimally, so that to care for the environment and the effective operation of the products

NICE - for environment - the line is environmentally friendly - it intentionally contains a minimum amount of cosmetics

as a green choice of strategy in the project.